Nachtlicht Ensemble wins Pitch for Grachtenfestival 2020

The ensemble was selected on their programme proposal to live pitch their new programme "Boven water!" for the Grachtenfestival 2020. In a very short pitch the ensemble presented their take on the theme Classical music from all continents. After a flash of music from Bangladesh, Indonesia, Myanmar and an Indian Raga Nachtlicht won the pitch. Also the ensemble won the Oorkaanprijs, for the best stage presence and performance. This summer, Nachtlicht will receive a 3-day masterclass by Oorkaan and will play a concert on the Grachtenfestival.

Premiere: Noise Cancelling, for trombone, tuba and orchestra

At the end of Januari, a new double concerto for trombone, tuba and orchestra will have its premiere. Soloists Niels Jacobs, trombone, and Matthijs Leffers, tuba, will perform the work with De Goede Orkest, under the direction of David de Goede. Next to this new piece, which is the first double concerto written for these instruments ever, the orchestra will play Brahms First Symphony.

  • 19 januari 20:00 - HERO gallery
  • 24 januari 20:00 - RADION

Concerts Nachtlicht

In the daylight the bright remains unnoticed, but it will stand out in the shadows of the night. Artists have always be inspired by this phenomenon, Dutch painter Rembrandt van Rijn being one of the famous examples. Composer Primo Ish-Hurwitz wrote a Pictures at an Exhibition based on a selection of the darker paintings of Rembrandt, in which a candle lights and illuminates the paintings.

After putting out the candle Nachtlicht will take you on a ride on a long train of thought in Solo for 9 musicians by Arjan Linker. After the musicians reveal their hidden stories we return to daylight, and daily life with Tehillim by Steve Reich, based on psalms about the creation of the world.

  • November 13 – HKU Utrecht
  • November 16 – Driehuis
  • November 19 – Amsterdam Blue Note

Concert Kunst over de vloer Leiden – November 3rd, 2019

19 year old composer and trombonist Arjan Linker presents repertoire for trombone, written between 1850 and august 2019.

Together with pianist Ben Weishaupt he wil perform pieces by Ravel, Poulenc, Rachmaninov, Bozza and Jongen for trombone and piano. Furthermore, you will hear the repertoire for trombone and live electronics, with pieces by Fulkerson and Linker.