Powered by curiousity, these nine musicians are searching for the Nachtlicht: it doesn’t exist yet, but the glimpses we have seen are very promising. With a wide range of influences, interests, ideas, skills and characters Nachtlicht faces the challenge. New ways of making music are discovered using improvisation, composition and combining these with art from different times, countries and styles. Illustrating this, the ensemble uses modern instruments, alongside period instruments and synthesizers and live electronics and inspiration is drawn from world music but also modern jazz. Furthermore, Nachtlicht works a lot with film makers, game developers, graphical artists and young composers with differing backgrounds. Nachtlicht consists of:

  • Iara Perillo, flute and piccolo
  • Jos Baggermans, soprano- and alto saxophone
  • Fleur Peereboom, alto- en tenor saxophone
  • Maarten Combrink, trombone
  • Arjan Linker, trombone
  • Tom Bouwmeister, guitar
  • Stan Verstegen, piano
  • Anosh ter Haar, double bass/bass guitar
  • Marc Sentenie, drums

Nymphéas Trombone Quartet

Niels Jacobs, Wilco Kamminga, Arjan Linker and Tim Ouwejan met in 2015 playing in the Young Trombone Collective. After some years playing together in different ensembles and orchestras there was a clear connection. When they started studying together at the Conservatory of Amsterdam together, it was a logical thing to do: they started a new trombone quartet.

The Nymphéas Trombone Quartet doesn’t only distinguish because of the focus on the French impressionistic repertoire, but also by the instrumentation of the quartet: instead of the traditional instrumentation (3 tenor and 1 bass trombone), all four play tenor trombones, resulting in a lighter sounding ensemble. The goal of the quartet is to show the listener the more refined side of the trombone, which is often not associated with the instrument. Besides, they aim to give an impulse to the repertoire for trombone quartet, by arranging and composing themselves.