Orange, Blue and Pink

Possible instrumentations:
– trombone and live electronics (original)
– trombone quartet and live electronics
– saxophone and live electronics
– recorder and live electronics
Duration: 4 minutes
Year of composition: 2020

Programme note

Listening back to old recordings of me during my childhood, I got inspired to write this piece. I found that the sound of a young voice was very touching to me, the clear voice reflecting the big fantasy of the child. Children spend lots of time in their worlds of imagination, and adults laugh and make fun of it most of the time. This can be heard in the first part of the piece, when the trombone and electronics harshly cover the voices. However, when we take
the time to listen to these children we recognize that, how bizarre the things they say may be, the fantasy world of them could be much more beautiful than our own black-and-white world. Join them, and let your world be colored: Orange, Blue and Pink

Commission info

– saxophone and electronics (arrangement commissioned by Iván Sanchez Iglesias)
– recorder and electronics (arrangement commissioned by Juho Myllylä)
– trombone quartet (arrangement commissioned by Nymphéas Trombone Quartet and released on their album called Orange, Blue and Pink)