Instrumentation: marimba (2 players
Duration: 3 minutes
Year of composition: 2022

Programme note

Just some thoughts,

Life is about searching?
But whilst searching and changing spaces, you also influence the space and change the goal of your search.
Not to say the space is irrelevant, it certainly affects the time you have to
search and get a grasp.

Normally we get less than two seconds to take a look at the sound of a marimba, so we don’t get time to see what’s there. But let’s change space and have a look!

Search, listen, see but also move, change goals and think: what am I looking for?

Commission info

Zoekspiegel was commissioned by Toonzetters, a project of Primo Ish-Hurwitz and Oranjewoud Festival. It was written for percussionists Arjan Jongsma and Agostinho Sequiera.